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POSP is a program for first-year students coordinated by current Lafayette students under the advisement of Landis Center professional staff. Accepted first-year students are placed into one of five service projects. In addition to service, students engage in activities that introduce them to Lafayette’s campus and the city of Easton. POSP is a wonderful opportunity to meet and form meaningful relationships with other first-year students as well as returning student leaders. POSP is an excellent transition to Lafayette College and the Easton community.

POSP Service Projects:

  • West Ward Neighborhood Partnership Camp
    Volunteer in the West Ward area of Easton on a variety of painting, gardening, and clean-up projects.
  • Kids in the Community (KIC) Day Camp
    Volunteer as a camp counselor at a day camp for kids (ages 4-11) from the Easton community.
  • Firth Youth Center
    Serve as a classroom aid and assist with summer camp activities with children up to age 11.
  • Teens in the Community (TIC) Day Camp
    Volunteer as a camp counselor at a day camp for teens (ages 12-17) from the Easton community by engaging in volunteer projects and fun activities.
  • Easton Area Lifestyle Campus
    Become a friend to local seniors at the Easton Area Senior Center and Easton Area Nursing Home by engaging in fun activities like drum circles, creative arts, and fitness routines.

Click here to learn more about POSP, applying and getting involved.